The job

In France, investigator of provide law – ARP – is a legal job under regulation and, by this fact must be approved by Prefecture.

The Investigator of Private law, or the Agent of Private Researches, - ARP - or even formerly "detective", is " proxy research for proofs and for information for the prevention or the repair of a damage ". He has a mission of information, advice, assistance, inquiry and researches with his customers.

At the request of physical or moral persons, the Investigator of Private law proceeds to investigations to look for elements of proofs and information with the aim of the appearance of the truth for the defence of justifiable, legal and moral causes.

He resolves problems said " about general interests (general purposes) " to treat interventions relating to the management of companies or to the civil affairs, what has nothing to do with the missions of the National police force or the Local police.

The ARP being forced, in the point of view skills, to no territorial limit, he can intervene with efficiency so on the national level as international. He can accept or refuse a mission without being obliged to justify itself.

His knowledge offers the possibility for the citizen, to activate a pushed inquiry, to look for persons, to fight against the industrial espionage, to lead counter inquiries.

As a general rule, the private investigator acts every time a citizen or a company estimates to undergo a damage.

He necessarily has to lean on three fundamental and inseparable criteria, the legitimacy, the legality and the morality of the causes to be defended. The ARP intervenes in complementarily of the administrative public utilities, the lawyers and the members of legal profession, to protect the rights and the justifiable interests of the citizen in its personal or professional life.

At the end of each mission, he drafts a detailed and elaborate report form. This document is acceptable in justice in front of any court and jurisdiction as constituent element of proof (the first jurisdiction to have accepted the report of a detective was the county court of Nimes, in 1959).

His interventions are done according articles 1984 to 2010 of the French civil code for the prevention or the repair of damage.

In France, the professional secret is situated in the crossroads of two notions:

  • Protection of the private life of the individual;
  • Protection of the democratic law and order.

Missions of the private investigator enter into the definition given by the article 226-13 of the New French Penal code, he is thus subjected to the professional secret.

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