You are victim of one or several of these offences :
  • laying off of employees,
  • diversion, inveigling of customer
  • disparagement
  • sale at a loss
  • anti-competitive practices
  • commercial or industrial counter-spy
We carry out inquiries :
  • to set up the evidences of the offence,
  • to effect distraints with process-servers.

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2/3 French companies are facing to problems of thefts or marking down

Roche Investigations implements solutions :
  • Security and confidentiality audit procedures,
  • Supervision,
  • Shadowing,
  • Infiltration,
  • Mystery client,

adapted to your environment : factory, warehouse, store or offices.

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All activity sectors of active employment are reached, it represent 5 to 7% of worldwide
Commerce Some figures in France:
  • lost of opportunity of doing business 6 milliards euros
  • lost of 38 000 employment
  • one company on two would be victim

The almost total source of the copy not only come from Asia and Mediterranean basin, but exist also in Europe and France : it's the proximity copy. >Your mark, form or brevet is counterfeited or imitated by an ancient wage earner, a rival or salvage importation:

Roche Investigations find out and prove evidences for your account and achieve distraints with process-servers or customs, to obtain the condemnation of your adversary with nuisances and interests.

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One of your customers is accountable of a sum,

You have a judgment to be carried out,

You did not know the debtor address, nor his solvability :

Entrust us your enquiry

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  • You plan to give a share to a future customer, partner or associate
  • You want to import, export, buy participations in a company

Before this, it's necessary to know the competitive active employment, identify the shareholders and perhaps have a skill view on a complete patrimonial analysis.

In these different steps, Roche Investigations is your partner.
Roche Investigations est votre partenaire.

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1/4 of resume are inaccurate
Before recruiting give to do a study before recruiting (resume checking, morality investigation), after it will be too late !

This effective complement with the procedure of recruitment make a stand against incompetence, parasitism, even industry espionage.

Roche Investigations ensure authenticity of information provided and supplement them.

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The economic watch : an obligation

Your products are in good health:
  • Concurrency audit de la concurrence,
  • Audit et analyze des evolutions des markets et des needs,
Your products are less in good health:
  • Contre marketing.

Economic Intelligence experts of Roche Investigations are at your disposal to study with you your needs.

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Your competitors want to know what you are doing

Buildings access :
  • Vulnerability audit,
  • Intrusion and circulation sectorization, Confidentiality of information and decision takenin meeting

Confidentiality of information and decision taken in meeting :
  • Audit de circulations des documents,
  • Listening detection: phone, micros (wired, mobiles, radios, networks, company cars ...).

The security experts of Roche Investigations are at your disposal to study with you your needs.

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