Deontology is science of rights and moral obligation prescribe to private enquiry agents – PEA (ARP) – also called investigators of private law – by their job duties and has to be translated by an exemplary behaviour even outside the profession in order to protect honour and probity values which govern their institution.

Private Investigator is under control of the National private security activities (CNAPS – Paris 75007).

Promulgation decree n░ 2012-870 10th of July 2012 relative the professional code of deontology  for those activities.

Activities managed book N░ VI of private security activities, and article L 634-4 of this code.

This code can be communicated in French language to any required.

Roche Investigations makes a commitment to respect the code of deontology of the profession of investigator of private law. We are in the service of our principals, and exercise our missions in the respect for the private life, for the dignity of the person and for the laws of the French Republic and for the European Union.

The professional secret, established in interest of the principals, imposes upon any agent of searches (researches) deprived in the conditions established by the law, (In France New Criminal Code – 226-13 article).

The secret covers all which came to the knowledge of the agent of researches deprived in the exercise of its profession, that is, not only what was confided (entrusted) to him, but also what he saw, listened or understood.

In any circumstances, we respect the principles of morality, righteousness and dedication indispensable to the exercise of our missions.

We listen to or advise with the same consciousness all the persons whatever is their origin, their customs and their marital status, their membership or their non-membership in an ethnic group, a nation or a definite religion, their handicap or their health, their reputation or feelings that he can feel with regard to them.

We maintain and perfect our professional knowledge; and let us take any necessary capacities to maintain us informed about the evolution of the legislation (laws).

It is forbidden to us to make any act to obtain for the customer an inequitable or illicit material advantage, as well as to deliver a biased report or a certificate of kindness (accommodation).

Since we accepted a mission we make a commitment to realize it in a very conscientious, devoted way and according to the laws of the Republic, and the European Union by appealing, if necessary, to be assisted by competent and declared third parties.

Before investigating we verify the legitimacy of our missions, by respecting the legality of moment and of the country, and by acting with loyalty.

Before accepting our missions, we verify that our customers have the legal capacity and that the mission is lawful.

We refrain from ourselves, to make roam to our customers an inequitable risk. We act by protecting the identity, the reputation and the brand image of our customers.

If during the mission, we notice that elements communicated by our customer are false, and that the mission turns out illegitimate with the aim of the information collected on the field, we terminate at once the mission and call our customer.

We inform our customers of their responsibilities and duties towards us.

We refrain to interfere without professional reason, in the family affairs, nor in the private life of our customers.

According to the legislation, all our commercial and official documents contain the references of our Order / Chief Police Prefect statement.

Legitimacy, legality and loyalty are three fundamental directives of all our actions, these three directives are called reminded and clarified in our reports forms. That is why they are acceptable in front of the courts.

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